Hong Kong Partner Expands



HONG KONG — The IIC Partners member firm in Hong Kong is expanding and, simultaneously, announcing a name change.

Effective October 1, 2008, the member firm previously known as Noble International will operate under the name of Stones International. 

“The new name will provide greater resonance and visibility in our market and we felt the time was right to make the change, while our business is still new and expanding,” said Giuseppe Milito. The firm was launched by Milito and partner Neil Morrison in July 2007.

They said they have recently added two new consultants to their business and have plans to add two more before year end. 

The firm specializes in recruiting leaders for businesses in fashion & luxury goods, supply chain & logistics, financial services and industrial. 

“We’ve also added two new directors to our Board, reflecting a rather more positive mood in Hong Kong,” Milito said.

“Despite a generally pessimistic sentiment currently surrounding the world economy, we firmly believe that, by operating in one of the few still-robust economies in the world, 2009 looks for Stones International to be a year of further growth.”

"Asia, and China in particular, will probably be the region least affected by the winds of crisis blowing though the US economy,” Milito said, “And we feel particularly privileged to operate in this continent. Our sentiment is cautiously optimistic, and we still see opportunities in our market for expansion. Stones International, in this sense, reflects this positive attitude.”

Morrison said he agrees. “Whilst we are realistic in terms of the current market situation, where there is chaos, there is opportunity. We firmly believe our blue chip client base will weather this storm and we will be there to assist them.”

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