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Business Week recognizes Conroy

CALGARY - Jim Conroy, former chairman and executive director of IIC Partners, has been named by Business Week magazine as one of “The World’s Most Influential Headhunters.”

“You can’t go to the top without the headhunters,” says the article written by search-industry journalist and consultant Joe McCool. “The world’s top headhunters control access to the lion’s share of the C-suite succession and leadership replacement searches for the world’s top corporations.”

The article says the world’s top 50 search consultants were chosen based on reputation, years’ experience, global scope of practice, accessibility and responsiveness, visibility within client markets and recognition in the search community.

The same Jim Conroy known to nearly all IIC members is clearly recognizable in the profile assembled by McCool.

Asked for his advice to upwardly mobile executives, Conroy says, “Don’t ever forget where you came from and who helped you get where you are. Don’t ever be afraid to think outside the box but do so with a careful and calculated assessment of potential risk.”

He gives the following profile for the most credible business leaders. “Although somewhat of a cliché, I do look for fire in the belly, which very often is not there,” he says. “I also like people who have been ‘knocked down’ once or twice in their careers but have managed to get back up, dust themselves off and take their careers forward. I like leaders who are able to see past tomorrow and who are highly motivated by new challenges. I look for leaders who are not so caught up in their own ‘greatness’ that they still value and appreciate the supporting efforts of the team around them and are not afraid to acknowledge this. I like strength mixed with humility, a powerful combination.”

In its annual filings to IIC, for the fiscal year ending April 30, 2007, Conroy Ross has reported search revenues of about $8.5 million Cdn (about $7.5 million US for the period). For the year ending April 30, 2008, they are projecting search revenues approaching $9 million and total revenues around $10 million (or about $10.1 million US), including about $1.5 million from business advisory services, Conroy said. 

“We’ve been fortunate in our market, which has been buoyed by several years of high oil prices and dramatic growth in the oil sands,” Conroy said. “But we’ve also worked hard to position ourselves to serve that market.

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