At Stones International we are more personal than larger, institutional search networks.

We enjoy the hunt for solutions. Our culture is high-energy. While we take pride in our individualism, we depend on each other for strength and a unified commitment to honesty, integrity, professionalism and respect.


Our partners and consultants, have diverse backgrounds and possess specific, in-depth and relevant industry knowledge. Moreover, they can draw on the privileged expertise of Stones International’s Advisory Board, a body composed of senior management from highly reputable international organizations.

Industry Experts who Understand
Your Standards
Giuseppe Milito
Managing Partner & Founder
Neil Morrison
Partner & Founder
Victor Filamor
Partner - Certified Executive Coach
Caroline Lim
Mirko Petrelli
Executive Partner
Isabella Tan
Kong To
Lincole Lam
General Manager
Ivan Lim
Senior Principal
Krista Marie Espaldon
Petra Owusu
Principal - Leadership Advisory & Coaching
Marie Evans
Relationship Director
Heidi Fung
Senior Consultant
Maggie Yau
Associate Consultant

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